The Red Rabbit

The mystique of the Red Rabbit is shrouded and quilted in a web of mystery. Some scholars proposed he took on a disguise and led Alice through a series of illusions and dreamscapes, down a path himself and the Mad Hatter Elon envisioned.
In the far East, rumors emerged of his sightings on a secluded patch alongside Mount Huaguo, supposedly of the mystical being posturing in a perpetual state of profound meditation.
Deep in the heart of the Middle East, legends sprung forth while scavenging for insects, serendipitous or happenstance, he caught the first glimpse of the resurrection of Christ.
A figure of many names, faces, and vast wisdom.
In modern times, the Rabbit is a symbol of rebirth and luck. As well as heralding the start of a new year and opportunities, Red Rabbit seeks to blend and pioneer the entry of Artificial Intelligence within the Crypto-space. Initially launched as a meme coin, Red Rabbit sky-rocketed to success along with its debut Red Rabbit roll DApp. The cosmic success of the project demands continued building and delivery of utilities. A series of AI and income-boosting tools are in the pipeline and are anticipated to propel Red Rabbit further into prosperity.